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  • Do I need to order in advance or can I just turn up to collect goods?
    Just arrive in good time, order and pay for goods at the counter first, then load up and drive away happy
  • Do you accept Cash?
    Yes Cash, Debit Card or Personal Credit Cards are accepted. Business & Company Credit Cards are subject to a 2% Charge
  • What are your opening hours?
    Please see our opening hours at the bottom of the page
  • Do you Deliver?
    Yes we deliver 6 Days per week, It's not always cost effective to deliver single tons of sand (except local) Small quantities of sand are best collected.
  • Can you load my vehicle?
    We ask you to bring help if you are unable to load your own vehicle. In certain cases we can load customers vehicles. Please bring your own workmen to help load large heavy items. However, we are able to load with fork lift truck
  • Can I pay for goods over the phone?
    We don't accept card payments over the phone. Payments by Cash & Debit card on collection or BACS Payments in advance please
  • Do you cut other peoples timber?
    We can cut customers own timber, so long as it is new, clean no nails and straight forward. (We do have a cutting charge - normally between £10 & £25 depending on the amount of work involved) we can quote before cutting
  • Do you exchange Calor Gas?
    Yes We are a Calor Stockist and can exchange bottles on a one for one. However your bottle MUST be 'CALOR' Some bottle sizes are not interchangeable unless you pay an extra charge.
  • Do you Deliver Free?
    Unfortunately not, we have a small delivery charge based on load size, value & site location.
  • Do you keep plenty on stock?
    We always keep good stock levels often more than some of the larger merchant stores.
  • Do you Crane offload bulk bags of Sand?
    Unfortunately not, we operate a 7.5ton tipper lorry, so our sand deliveries are tipped off loose. Our sand is sold by the ton, so be careful when comparing prices against smaller 0.85ton bulk bags!
  • Why is Timber so expensive?
    We stock theTop Grade Scandinavian Kiln Dried C24 Carcasing Timber. Every length is grade stamped, freshly machined, consistent in size, clean, dry and good quality, ideal for most building projects. Timber is still relatively cheap when compared to other products
  • Why do you stock Malayan Plywood instead of the cheaper Chinese equivalent?
    Quality is important when sourcing Plywood...Malayan WBP BB/CC Plywood offers consistent quality and value for money. There is less chance of delamination with the better quality plywood, overall a safer bet. We believe it is worth the extra cost...
  • Why is your Skirting Board more expensive when compared with other suppliers?
    We stock theVery BEST Quality Scandinavian Unsorted Redwood Skirtings & Architraves. We pay a premium price for quality which is justified when you see beautiful almost knot free boards. We feel it is worth the extra money as these items are seen and touched every day in your new extension.
  • What is the difference between 'Boards' and Deep Cut timber sections?
    We buy 'Ex Boards' cut from the tree whole, kiln dried then machined. This helps maintain a stable cross section of board with minimal movement and minimises the risk of twisting or shrinkage. Deep cut sections, whilst offering a 12% saving are more prone to twisting warping and generally less stable.
  • Do I have to buy a full sheet of Plywood?
    No, We also sell half sheets and quarter sheets of most sheet material - all pre cut in stock ready to go
  • Do you cut MDF to size?
    We don't cut MDF, but we do sell half sheets and quarter sheets 4'x4' 8'x2' & 4'x2' of 12mm & 18mm MDF
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